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About Triumph Bonneville cars on Motors.co.uk

Most popular Colour Red
Average price £9,390
Average mileage 3,015

Triumph Bonneville

For many people the Triumph Bonneville is the classic British motorbike. With its no-nonsense looks and distinctive engine and exhaust noise it announces itself as a road machine for the serious motorcyclist.

The basic Bonneville has a 790cc engine which, while not the fastest acceleration you'll find, lets you cruise along in comfort thanks to the relaxed riding position with easy to reach handlebars and conveniently sited foot pegs. The handling is smooth and precise and suspension protects you from the worst of the jolts.

Triumph later introduced the Bonneville America to the range. As the name suggests, the aim was to take on Harley Davidson without trying to be a copy of their cruising bikes. It shares the engine capacity of 790cc of the original Bonneville and this provides all the power this relatively light bike needs.

From 2014 the Bonneville America started to come with a beefed-up 865cc engine. This also marked a point when far more extras started to be fitted as standard. These included a Plexiglas screen, quick-release leather panniers and a back rest.

So if you fancy getting on board a used Bonneville, a true British classic, check out the deals on Motors.co.uk and you'll find there's plenty of choice.