Ask An Expert Buying Advice endeavours to make the process of buying a used car simple and stress free, so we’ve asked a number of experts for their tips and advice on everything you need to know about buying a car.

Our ‘Ask an Expert’ video series has been designed to help inform your decision making during your car buying journey. Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions - including insight from car dealers, downloadable guides and a jargon buster to help you confidently research your purchase.

Whether your experience in buying a car is vast or limited, we’ve compiled the information you need to help you get the best deal.

Jason Pritchard
Wessex Garages

Ask an Expert Jason Pritchard

Wessex Garages, based in Wales and the South West, is represented by Jason Pritchard. With a fleet of vehicles available, Jason talks through the essential checks to make when buying a used car, why test drives are so important, and how to get the best from your viewing.

Jonathan Allbones
The Car People

Ask an Expert Jonathan Allbones

Jonathan Allbones represents The Car People, a dealer group based in the north of England. With a wealth of experience in the automotive industry, we spoke to Jonathan to discover how to thoroughly research a vehicle and whether there’s a prime time to buy a used car.

Simon Palmer
Hendy Group

Ask an Expert Simon Palmer

When we met with Simon Palmer of the Hendy Group, he discussed what to look for when viewing a car, what documentation the dealer should provide, and just how much discount you should expect to gain when negotiating with a dealer.

Your Questions Answered

Ask an Expert All Questions spoke to car dealer experts Simon Palmer (Hendy Group); Jonathan Allbones (The Car People) and Jason Pritchard (Wessex Garages). We asked them your questions about buying a used car. Hear what they had to say about the best time of year to secure a deal, when to walk away, and other fantastic tips.

Jargon Buster Video

Ask an Expert Jargon Buster

Ever get confused by the technical terms when talking about cars? Just what is GAP insurance? Get some clarity with our jargon buster. Common abbreviations and meanings are just a click away from putting you in the know. Ideal for building your confidence whilst understanding what you want – or don’t want.

Buying Guide

Ask an Expert Buying Guide

From selecting a car to making the vehicle and paperwork checks, there is a lot to consider when purchasing a vehicle. That’s why we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide on how to buy a used car. Our guide provides you with all you need to know – from starting the process to closing a deal.

Buying Advice

It’s important to have your wits about you when buying a used car. If something seems too good to be true, chances are it probably is.Be thorough in your research before making any commitments to contract or purchase. You should be confident that the car deal you’ve found is right for you and everything is above board.Take a look at our buying and safety guides for more advice on finding the right car.

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