Most Deserving Award

Since it was first launched in 2011, the Most Deserving Award has honoured the likes of entrepreneurs, volunteers of charitable organisations and higher education students.

The aim is to give recognition to people's efforts – whatever it is they do - during each of our awards. There is also a winner, chosen to receive a prize package inclusive of a car and of course the prestigious 'Most Deserving' title!

How does it work?

The award is organised by, who guide the public through a nomination phase; gathering a host of inspiring stories of people living and working here in the UK.

All nominations are then presented to a panel of judges, who select the finalists to go through to a nationwide public vote.

The finalist to receive the highest number of votes will be announced winner of the Most Deserving award, and will get to take home the prizes. looks forward to each and every award they host; no triumph, effort or gesture is too small, so why not get involved?

Take a look at the campaigns below for more information on our previous winners, and details of our current campaign.

View our current campaign - Most Deserving Sports Hero

You can also follow our news pages for live updates on the campaign.