In a bid to recognise those individuals who go the extra mile,'s Most Deserving awards have found some of the most hard working, selfless and giving people in Britain. One accolade was that of the Most Deserving Student; someone who puts in continued effort to their studies, whether at college or university, as well as giving their spare time to help out others in need. Two of our previous winners have both benefited from the prize of a new car for them to go the extra mile with their giving efforts.

Our previous winners have included David Moorhead, who earned a degree despite being dissuaded due to his dyslexia and dyspraxia. David went even further and is now studying at the University of Bedfordshire to earn his PhD, with a master’s degree and PGCE all attributed to his qualifications list. David’s partner, Samantha, titled him as ‘education’s biggest champion’ which was a sentiment echoed by our judges. presented David with a Renault Twingo worth £5,000 to acknowledge his efforts and allow him the recognition he deserved. David couldn’t believe he had made it to the final three, never mind winning! He recognises his dyslexia and dyspraxia as a gift and urges others with the same conditions to make the most of their own potential.

After having such a success with our original Most Deserving Student, we went on to recognise a second student in 2013. After receiving hundreds of nominations we named Julia Hebb as our second Most Deserving Student; she received a Peugeot 107 worth £5,000. Julia went on to higher education at Salford University after raising her two children. Her youngest, Tyler, struggles with autism and Asperger’s syndrome – but her son has earned his rightful place in a mainstream school. As a frustrated parent, Julia established a new technique to aid Tyler with his speaking, which has become a recognised method used in speech therapy to help others in the same situation.

Hoping to recognise individuals over a wide spectrum of outlets, has also recognised the Most Deserving Hero and Most Deserving Business. You can find out more about all about the awards, as well as Most Deserving Sports Hero on the Motors Most Deserving page.


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