An Accurate Price ToSell Or Part Exchange Your Car

Get a price for your vehicle that is pre-agreed with participating dealerships across the UK so you can part exchange your vehicle with confidence.




Sell or part exchange your car at a local dealership quickly, easily and fairly with a pre-agreed price from Price & Go.


Generate sales, save time and reduce risk with Price & Go, the easier route to qualified leads and desirable used stock.

  • What is Price and Go?

    Price & Go is the new service from Cox Automotive that lets consumers sell or part exchange with confidence.It brings hot prospects, ready to buy their next car, straight to your door.

    They will arrive with a pre-agreed valuation for their own vehicle and know exactly how much they have to spend on your forecourt.No haggling, no matters of opinion. Just a fair and accurate price to part exchange against your stock or receive as cash into their account – a secure transaction managed by Price & Go.

    And because Price & Go carries any risk on the part exchanged vehicle’s value, you’re free to focus on creating your next sale.

    How does Price and Go work?

    • Customers complete a detailed online valuation of their vehicle – more comprehensive and reliable than those used by typical car-buying services – on the Price & Go website.
    • They receive a valuation figure, based on the most up-to-date and comprehensive data available, and a redemption code which they bring to your dealership with their vehicle.
    • You assess the vehicle and, assuming its condition matches the online appraisal, confirm the price and start a conversation about their next car.Or, if there are any undeclared faults, revise the valuation accordingly.
    • Either keep and retail the part exchange vehicle if it suits you or arrange for Price & Go to collect it from your forecourt, free of charge.

    Why should you use it?

    Part exchange valuations can be a headache for dealerships, but they do provide customers on tap.Price & Go takes away the hassle while turning up the flow.Here’s why you should make your next sale with Price and Go…

    • Price & Go connects you with customers who are serious about selling their car.Assuming their appraisal is fair and honest, the part exchange valuation is fixed and you’re free to do what you do best – get them into their next vehicle.
    • Price & Go gives you access to quality, used stock at a lower cost of acquisition.You can choose to keep and retail the vehicle or have it collected by Price & Go, entirely at our cost.
    • Price & Go improves your customer relationships.With no haggling – and a customer delighted by our ‘What You See Is What You Get’ approach, the conversation moves quickly to the benefits of the new vehicle and more receptively to accessories and additional services.
    • Price & Go turns online browsers into real-world appointments by increasing engagement on your website.A digital part exchange tool gives customers an accurate valuation and all the confidence they need to find their next car.

    It’s free and easy to become a Price and Go Accredited Dealer and make an instant impact on your sales figures.

  • Quick

    Get a price for your vehicle in under 10 minutes.

  • Fair

    Complete all details and receive an accurate and fair price.

  • Pre-agreed

    The price you see is the one you'll receive - no hassle.

  • Trusted

    Dealerships that you know and recognise.


Get a detailed valuation, an agreed price and the name of a dealer near you in under 10 minutes.


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