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Up to the minute motoring news & events...

North Wales pensioners armed with s...

by Jack Evans 24-11-2015

Police in North Wales are calling on pensioners to help cut crime by arming them with speed guns. It is the second time that this initiative has been put in place in the region wher...

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Jeremy Clarkson sends good Samarita...

by Jack Evans 24-11-2015

Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has attempted to play the good Samaritan – by tweeting the registration of a vehicle that he saw hit a parked car and drive off. The ...

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Latest Guides

Hints and tips for happy motoring...

The top five car games

by Adam Pilon 24-11-2015

Top five car games to pass a long journey Anyone who has ever been on a long car journey with children will be all-too familiar with the repetitive cries of “Are we nearly t...

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Five top tips to help prevent drive...

by Sarah Lewis 24-11-2015

Tiredness is arguably one of the most dangerous conditions to affect you when driving. Recent data from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents shows driver fatigue may be a con...

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