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Dog-saving soldier has charges drop...

by Chris Lloyd 21-05-2015

A US army veteran who was charged with criminal trespass after smashing a car’s window to save a dog inside, has had the charges against him dropped. Georgia resident Michael ...

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Lewis Hamilton to continue at Merce...

by Daljinder Nagra 21-05-2015

British F1 champion Lewis Hamilton is to continue racing with Mercedes, after signing a new three-year contract worth £100 million. Rumours had been circulating the 30-year-ol...

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Latest Guides

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How to choose the best Volkswagen P...

by Chris Lloyd 22-05-2015

Volkswagen has given its Passat family saloon a complete overhaul, replacing what was a worthy but slightly dowdy model with a much sharper, more modern machine. The new Passat not ...

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Top new estate cars for less than £...

by Chris Lloyd 20-05-2015

Buyers after plenty of space for passengers and luggage may be tempted by high-riding 4x4s or family-friendly people carriers, but estate cars can offer greater value than the typical o...

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