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      Jose Mourinho tests out new Jaguar ...

      by Jack Evans 08-02-2016

      Jaguar has published its latest video, featuring former Chelsea Football Club manager José Mourinho, a Jaguar F Pace S and a frozen lake in Sweden. What ensues both serves as a demo...

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      Survey reveals estate agents as top...

      by Jack Evans 08-02-2016

      A survey has revealed how our driving habits can be influenced by our job, with certain professions proving to be more adept on the road than others. Car finance experts, Zuto, comm...

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      How to choose the right Range Rover...

      by Jack Evans 29-01-2016

      Since bursting onto the market in 2011, the Range Rover Evoque has been one of Jaguar Land Rover's best selling cars, due to the stylish body and the off-road capabilities it shares...

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      The best European winter scenic dri...

      by Sarah Lewis 19-01-2016

      Winter may bring freezing temperatures and some pretty harsh driving conditions, but it also helps to enhance the natural beauty of the land in the distance through a blend of snow and ic...

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