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Swivelling child seat concept by Vo...

by Chris Lloyd 03-07-2015

By Laura Thomson Volvo has unveiled a new swivelling child seat concept that will allow parents the ultimate combination of style and practicality. Named the ‘Excellence c...

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BMW showcases hydrogen i8

by Daljinder Nagra 03-07-2015

BMW has given a glimpse into the future of its cars, with a hydrogen fuel cell-powered version of its i8 sports car. Being a plug-in hybrid, the standard i8 is one of a raft of cutt...

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Top affordable upmarket diesel salo...

by Chris Lloyd 25-06-2015

Opting for a big, luxurious car no longer means you have to get a mortgage to pay your fuel bills, with strong but economical diesel engines now dominating the large car market. With re...

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How to choose the best Audi A4

by Chris Lloyd 24-06-2015

When it comes to offering car buyers dozens of baffling options, Audi is more guilty than most car manufacturers. Take the A4 saloon, which goes into battle against the hugely popula...

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