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About Dodge RAM cars on Motors.co.uk

Most popular Colour Black
Most popular fuel type Petrol
Average price £41,135
Average mileage 22

Dodge Ram

The Dodge Ram is a big behemoth of a pickup truck that’s synonymous with American motoring. Oversized, hugely powerful and titanic in proportions, it’s not short on confidence and has a real ‘get out of the way’ demeanour about it. If you’re after something hardy and durable but don’t want a regular 4x4 or SUV, this brute is a good option.

It has been dominating the road since 1981, and every new generation brings extra size, power and brute force to the party. The Ram has been one of the best selling pickups in the USA for many years, but isn’t as popular in the UK because most roads aren’t able to accommodate it. With 2 and 4 door models to choose from, it’s certainly versatile.

Few things can match the Dodge in the design stakes, but then again few cars would want to as it’s quite a unique and acquired taste. There’s certainly no arguing with the fact that everything about it is big and in your face, from the monstrous front grille to the huge wheels and the outrageous flatbed. It’s aggressive, forceful and commanding. The interior is just as no-nonsense, but isn’t exactly what you’d call sophisticated. It is spacious however, and depending on which model and cab layout you go for has the potential to seat 6 people. Complete with a shed load of kit and that big load area at the back, it’s well stocked and seriously practical.

One of the best things about the Dodge Ram is the array of V6 and V8 engines that provide a lot of grunt and no shortage of noise. It’s quite speedy for a 2 tonne truck and is akin to a tank to drive. The steering lacks feel and cornering is an adrenaline fuelled experience, but on the motorway it’s happy and really does go well. Hogging the road at low speeds is also a forte, and it’s not bad on gravel tracks either.

In all honesty the price tag of the Ram is as gargantuan as its proportions, but the best way to get your hands on one is to buy second hand. Here at Motors.co.uk you’ll find all types of pre owned cars for sale at very reasonable prices, so coming across a bargain used Dodge Ram is more than likely. Although fuel economy figures are terrible, at least you’ll face less of an up front cost.

At the end of the day, the Dodge Ram is a monstrously large pickup that’s ideal for people who want to dominate the road and annoy everyone around them. Seriously though, it’s a powerhouse of a motor and sounds amazing at full speed. While cornering isn’t really part of its armoury, motorway cruising certainly is. As an alternative to run of the mill SUVs and 4x4s, it’s fantastic.