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  1. Ford launches Intelligent Speed Limiter Technology

    Breaking the speed limit can be costly – with escalating fines, driving bans, and a significant role in some road accidents. New legislation introduced this week will dramatically change the way speeding fines are calculated, with offending drivers facing penalties of up to 175 per cent of their weekly wage.... (27-04-2017)

  2. Sleepy test drivers make Ford scrap semi-autonomous vehicles plans

    Ford has decided to scrap plans to manufacture semi-autonomous vehicles after engineers were regularly falling asleep during test drives. Raj Nair, the company’s product development chief, told Bloomberg that they struggled with “situational awareness” during trial runs, even when colleagues sat next to them chatting. “These are trained engineers who... (27-02-2017)

  3. Nigel Mansell’s 1977 Crosslé 32F on display at HMI 2017

    A Formula Ford single-seater, as raced by Nigel Mansell as he set out on the path to F1 and IndyCar stardom, will form the centrepiece of a special display at Historic Motorsport International. A revered Crosslé 32F in the colours which took Mansell to 27 race wins and a 1977... (06-01-2017)