Used Lamborghini Gallardo cars for sale


Few cars in the world can lay claim to being voted Dream Car of the Year three times but the Lamborghini Gallardo most certainly can! If a powerful roar, exquisite handling and movie star good looks are what you are searching for, look no further. Visit Motors.co.uk for full details.

Lamborghini Gallardo

5.0 V10 Auto 2-Door 

Finance Available £1013 pm
  • 5.7L
  • Petrol
  • Auto
  • Convertible
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Lamborghini Gallardo

2013 (63) 5.2 V10 LP560-4 E-Gear 4WD 2dr Auto 

Low Mileage
2013 (63)
  • 5L
  • 6.3kMiles
  • Petrol
  • Manual
  • Coupe
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Lamborghini Gallardo

2011 (11) LP550-2 2-Door 

Low Mileage
2011 (11)
  • 5.2L
  • 13.5kMiles
  • Petrol
  • Manual
  • Coupe
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About Lamborghini Gallardo cars on Motors.co.uk

Most popular Colour Black
Most popular fuel type Petrol
Average Power delivery 516 BHP
Average fuel economy 16 MPG
Average price £96,774
Average mileage 21,068

Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini cars are meant to be extravagant, attention seeking and absolute nirvana to drive. The Gallardo is all of these things and more. The fact it’s named after a breed of fighting bull tells you everything you need to know- this car is brawler that won’t take any prisoners, but looks amazing at the same time.

The Gallardo was introduced in 2003 and shot straight to the top of the popularity charts. Branded the ‘baby Lambo’ due to its comparatively small size, it’s not short on firepower and is a real handful when it wants to be. Available in both coupe and cabriolet (Spyder) formats, it can be used as an out and out sports machine or a seriously fast GT car.

There’s also been a huge range of special edition variants that push the ‘bonkers’ level even higher. Take your pick from the Concept S, SE, Nera, Racing, Superleggera, LP 560-4, Super Trofeo, LP 550-2, LP 570-4 Superleggera and Bicolore.

There’s no arguing with the fact that the Gallardo looks sublime from the outside with its low profile, sleek lines, vicious angles and those arrogant air intakes at the front. It certainly carries on the ‘out of my way lesser being’ tradition, and is enough to make grown men wipe away a tear.

The interior is just as jaw dropping, but, thanks to the company’s ownership by Audi, features a new element that previous Lambos didn’t have- user friendliness. Everything is laid out in a logical way which means you don’t have to have a PhD and can just get on with driving. It’s comfortable and has an awesome amount of kit, and you genuinely do feel at ease in the spacious cabin.

But while the Gallardo will take all the attention it can get at a standstill, head out on to the road and you’ll have your senses pulverised by the noise, the acceleration and the grip. Laughing like a schoolgirl and having a silly grin plastered to your face are all part of the experience. With a massive V10 engine it’s devastatingly quick and the fact it’s got 4 wheel drive means you can attack corners and test your nerve to the limit, and the ride is great too so country roads won’t destroy your back or buttocks. To truly understand how good this car is you have to drive it yourself, but epic is a word that comes to mind at lot.

Actually the Gallardo is towards the cheaper end of the Lamborghini price spectrum, but it’s still eye wateringly expensive for mere mortals. If you’re genuinely in the market for one however, buying second hand from Motors.co.uk is by far the best option. With incredible price discounts across a wide range of pre owned cars for sale, you’ll find a bargain used Lamborghini Gallardo in no time at all.

So the Lamborghini Gallardo is just amazing in every respect. It looks like a work of art, drives like a dream and the noise of the V10 engine is enough to send you into a state of ecstasy. Even though it’s the ratty younger brother of the Lambo family, the Gallardo packs a serious punch and is one of the best performance cars around.