Used Lexus RX SE-I 2009 cars for sale


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    If you are staying near mountains in the USA at this time of the year, don’t leave your car unlocked as you could find a bear behind the driver’s seat. American photographer David Miller filmed two Black Bears at the southern end of Lake Tahoe getting into an open Lexus... (18-05-2016)

  2. Video Review: Lexus IS

    When the Lexus IS first burst onto the scene in 1999, it shook up the established junior executive order with a car so different that, even today, a certain style of rear lights is named after it. We're now into the third generation of the IS model and it's better... (25-01-2016)

  3. Lexus showcases incredible ice wheels

    Lexus has created arguably the ‘coolest’ addition to any car – wheels made of ice. After three months of research, the manufacturer was able to create the frozen wheels that are able to replace alloy and rubber with ice. Each wheel took an incredible 36 hours to produce, with four... (22-12-2015)