Used Porsche 928 cars for sale


The 928 certainly doesn't fail to deliver on the speed and luxury we've come to expect from Porsche. First revealed in Geneva, you can get your hands on a previously owned Porsche here in the UK. Enter your postcode into the Motors.co.uk car finder for listings of 928s close by.

Porsche 928

1991 (H) 5.0 S4 2dr LHD Auto 

Price Reduced
1991 (H)
Finance Available £310 pm
  • 5L
  • 128kMiles
  • Petrol
  • Auto
  • Coupe
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Porsche 928

1985 (C) 4.2 S2 Auto 2-Door 

Low Mileage
1985 (C)
Finance Available £392 pm
  • 4.7L
  • 99kMiles
  • Petrol
  • Auto
  • Coupe
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About Porsche 928 cars on Motors.co.uk

Most popular Colour Blue
Most popular fuel type Petrol
Average price £14,871
Average mileage 109,625

Porsche 928

The Porsche 928 is a fantastic front engined, rear wheel drive sports coupe from back in the day that’s’ powered by a beastly V8 engine and looks the part as well. It’s incredibly good value for money these days, and that means there’s a keen interest in it once again. If you’re looking for a sports car bargain that’s different from the current crop, heading back in time with this one is an inspired decision.

With a production life that ran from 1977 to 1995, the longevity of the 928 is hugely impressive alone. Rather a mish-mash of motoring ideas, the Porsche combines the best features of a performance machine with the relaxed refinement of a GT car and all the equipment of a sports saloon. Clearly it worked as countless generations and over 60,000 units were released. Some impressive engineering features such as engine water cooling as well as a 2+2 seat layout make it practical as well as power hungry.

It really does look wonderful from the outside with some strong angles, a sleekly sloped rear end and a sporty spoiler. Possibly the best feature however are the popup headlights which give it some personality. The inside is sumptuously decorated with an abundance of leather, and a minimalist but logical dashboard. There’s a lot of room in the front, although the rear can be rather cramped. Wonderfully comfortable however, it’s the perfect way to cruise around in GT mode, and makes long journeys an absolute pleasure.

The performance of the Porsche is incredible, and all versions have a gargantuan V8 engine, the highest performing being a 5.4 litre that produces 350 horse power and has a top speed of just over 170 miles per hour. What this means is that it won’t hang about, but thanks to some German engineering genius, it’s also easy to control from behind the wheel. A good amount of grip, comfortable ride and nice balance make it actually quite composed at regular speeds, but put your foot down and the roar of the engine lets you know you’ve just unchained an animal.

Looking in the right place can be the different between success and disappointment for a car like the 928, and Motors.co.uk is one of those places. Thousands of different second hand cars for sale are listed at bargain prices, and the commanding approach to quality means you’ll only find the best autos possible. The fact a used Porsche 928 can cost as little as £3500 means you’ll struggle to find anything more powerful for less.

The clear point is that paying top dollar for modern day sports cars when there’s something old school like the Porsche 928 available that can trump most of them is just ludicrous. While it might be slightly over the hill, the 928 has bags of experience and makes for a superb second hand buy. Performance, style and prestige are among some of the best reasons to get one, so what are you waiting for?