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Alfa Romeo


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Stunning small sports car with a turbocharged soundtrack

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Alfa Romeo


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This Italian saloon is a pretty alternative to German rivals

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Alfa Romeo


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This underrated hatchback oozes style, rarity and glamour

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Alfa Romeo


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Classic Alfa Romeo character in a small, desirable package

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Alfa Romeo


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Bringing elegance and fantastic driveability to the SUV market

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Alfa Romeo history:

Founded in 1910, Alfa Romeo was born from French-owned motor company Darracq. The Portello-based company was taken over by a consortium of entrepreneurs and businessmen and renamed it Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica — A.L.F.A.

Engineer Nicola Romeo took over the company in 1915 and five years later, the first car to bear his company’s new name – the Alfa Romeo Torpedo 20/30 HP – was created.

Alfa Romeo has since become a name synonymous with car enthusiasts – and although the cars have never been known for their reliability or practicality – it’s considered by many that any petrolhead must own at least one Alfa in their lifetime.


Owning an Alfa Romeo:

As mentioned, Alfa Romeos are not cars known for reliable and practical owner experiences, but passion is something they ooze.

Many owners say the Alfa experience is unlike any other, with their cars feeling more like a member of the family than a means of transport.


Alfa Romeo range overview:

Alfa currently offers four cars in their range.

Two hatchbacks are on offer: starting with the compact Mito and larger Giulietta.

Those looking for a saloon have the option of the Giulia, which has both diesel and petrol options. There’s even a performance version for those looking for more power, the Giulia Quadrifoglio that houses a ‘Ferrari-inspired’ V6.

Topping the Alfa range is the 4C sports car, which boasts a carbon tub and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 240bhp.

Most popular Alfa Romeo options on

The current most popular Alfa Romeo is based on the average number of used vehicles currently listed for sale on

  • Most popular model:MiTo
  • Most popular variant:Veloce
  • Most popular body style:Hatchback
  • Most popular fuel type:Petrol
  • Most popular transmission:Manual
  • Most popular engine size:1.4 litre
  • Most popular colour:Black

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