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So many factors affect the retail price of car, which can mean understanding whether you're paying the right price when buying can be confusing. Our Car Price Guide puts you firmly back in the driving seat. Simply select the details of your chosen car to see what they are selling for right now based on mileage, age and more. Having a clear picture of what's available means you can understand what a fair price looks like before you make an offer.

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From location and mileage to trim, engine size, colour and registration year, the retail price of a car is influenced by more than you might think. The MOTORS Car Price Guide gives you a clear overview of the current market, so you can find out how much cars are selling for right now. It's quick, straightforward and accurate.

Simply pop in the make, model and registration year of your chosen vehicle. From Teslas and Range Rovers to Vauxhalls and Volkswagens, see a handy summary of current car prices with ease. Once you know the going rate for your car of choice, you can shake hands on it with peace of mind.

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Thinking about selling your car? Just enter your postcode, car registration number, mileage and home postcode into our car valuation tool to find out the approximate value of your vehicle. It's easy, free, and the exciting first step to getting your car on the market.

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On the hunt for a new car? Simplify your search with our expert car reviews. Learn everything you need to know about a huge range of models - including vehicle histories and general overviews - before even setting foot in one of our trusted dealers.

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