Part Exchange your car

Part Exchange your car with a trusted dealer

Part exchanging your car is a great alternative to selling it, especially if you know what vehicle you want next. It's also easy and practical as there's no need to place adverts, take photos or arrange viewings to sell your car.

It makes insurance easier too. You don't have to take out a second policy or risk getting fined for cancelling your cover early. You just swap your current policy to your new vehicle and that's your insurance sorted.

For ease and simplicity, you can't go wrong with a part exchange. Simply take your old vehicle to a dealership, get it valued by the dealer and then trade it in for a different car of your choice. Naturally, the value of your old vehicle is taken off the price of your new car. And that's it!

It's an ideal way to sell your car and buy your next one all in one place. You also get the feel-good factor of rolling into a dealership in your old vehicle and driving home in your new car of choice. Just don't forget to haggle - negotiate the price of your new car AND the value of your old vehicle.

Do you want to part exchange your current car, but are unsure what to expect? Let us guide you through the process and help you connect with trusted dealers who provide a part exchange service.

Find your next car

How Part Exchange works

Use our free valuation tool

and find out how much your car is worth.

Find trusted part-exchange dealers in your area

and choose your next car with

Select 'TRADE A VEHICLE' on applicable listings

pass your basic details to the dealership and we'll help you get in contact with them.

Negotiate and discuss with the dealer:

prices, options and deals.

When you've agreed on the finer details with the dealership, there's just a few extra steps before you're driving away in your new car. First, gather all the relevant paperwork and prepare your car to its best standard, then:

  • Take your car to the part-exchange dealership
  • The dealership will provide you with an updated valuation of your car having checked it in person
  • The value of your car can then be taken off the price of the new vehicle you decide to buy at the dealership
  • You trade in your old car and drive off the lot in your new one - nice and easy
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Ready to Part Exchange?

How to get the best Part Exchange deal

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