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Dealer types explained

There are two types of car dealer groups in the UK – franchise dealers, and car supermarket groups.

Franchise dealers will often specialise in selling one car brand at a dealership in one or more locations.

The same dealer group may also sell cars made by another brand at a different location. Or may sell two or more brands at the same location. For example, a franchised dealer group may have a Volkswagen dealership in Reading and an Audi dealership in Newcastle. Or may sell Peugeot and Citroen at the same location. These are known as multi-franchise dealer groups.

Car Supermarket groups on the other hand will often sell vehicles from a range of manufacturers on the same forecourt in multiple locations. These can be regional (based in a specific part of the country) or national. You could easily see a Ford Focus sat next to a Peugeot 308.