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Used Porsche cars for sale


For performance, power and sleek good looks, Porsche would be at the forefront of any prospective car buyer's mind, but those who may be put off by the price need not fear; with you're only a few clicks away from a wide range of second hand Porsche cars.

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Finance Available £569 pm
  • Engine Size2L
  • 55kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionSemi Auto
  • Body StyleSUV

Quirks Car Company

  • Engine Size3L
  • 15.1kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionSemi Auto
  • Body StyleSUV

Stratstone Land Rover Newport

  • Engine Size3.6L
  • 100kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleCoupe

Eclipse Car Sales Limited

2019 and Sports Seats Plus
  • Engine Size3L
  • 2.7kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionAuto
  • Body StyleCoupe

Porsche Centre Chester

£15,450 options list £69,000
  • Engine Size2.5L
  • 3.4kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionSemi Auto
  • Body StyleConvertible

Castle Motors (Trebrown)

  • Engine Size2.9L
  • 18.3kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionSemi Auto
  • Body StyleHatchback

Porsche Centre Wilmslow

Finance Available £903 pm
  • Engine Size3L
  • 21.6kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionSemi Auto
  • Body StyleSUV

Porsche Centre Hull

  • Engine Size3L
  • 14.4kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionSemi Auto
  • Body StyleCoupe

Porsche Centre Exeter

Got a specific Porsche model in mind?

Porsche 718 Porsche 911 Porsche 911 Carrera [991] Porsche 911 Carrera [997] Porsche 911 [991] Porsche 911 [992] Porsche 911 [996] Porsche 911 [997] Porsche 928 Porsche 944 Porsche 968 Porsche 996 Porsche Boxster Porsche Cayenne Porsche Cayman Porsche Macan Porsche Panamera

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  • What's the most popular Porsche colour? Black
  • What's the most popular Porsche fuel type? Petrol
  • What's the Porsche 's average power delivery? 351 BHP
  • What's the Porsche 's average fuel economy? 35 MPG
  • What's the Porsche 's average price? £46,366
  • What's the Porsche 's average mileage? 40,545

Used Porsche

The Porsche motorcar development company was founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche and an early assignment was to produce a German people’s car. The result was the Volkswagen Beetle. After the Second World War, with Ferdinand in prison, his son Ferry created the Porsche 356, a rear engine two seater sports car built initially using many Volkswagen Beetle parts. Several variants of the 356 were introduced.

In 1964 Porsche launched the first generation Porsche 911, with a six cylinder flat engine. This car went through many changes over the following 40 years and has now evolved into one of the most outstanding road going supercars with a price tag of between around £75,000 to £140,000, however, there are many fine examples of used 911s for a fraction of that sum.

The first Porsche Boxster was launched in 1996 with a 2.5 litre flat six-cylinder mid engine and it too has gone through several changes over the years. The most recent version was launched in 2004 and many of them can be found on the used car market.

Although the Boxster is not a supercar, it comes from the same stable as the 911 and it shows. It really is one of the best cars on the road to drive that can be bought for a reasonable price. Based on the Boxster, the Porsche Cayman is a coupe first produced in 2006.

Used Boxster prices start at around £11,000 and used Cayman are available for a few thousand more, so whichever model you prefer would certainly be able to find you a bargain within an accessible distance of wherever you might be located.

In addition to sports cars Porsche also produces SUVs. The Porsche Cayenne is an outstanding car of its class.

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