BMW X2 review 2020

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  • Sporty looks
  • Good range of engines
  • Strong build quality


  • Pricier than rivals
  • Firm ride
  • Not as fun to drive as most BMWs
Model review

The BMW X2 arrived in 2018 to complete the firm’s SUV line up. The model is one of smallest in BMW’s X range and is built as a more stylish, but similarly-sized version of the arguably more mundane X1. Despite sharing many components with the X1, such as a chassis, the X2 is quite a bit different and features a more aggressive design. 


It’s built to try and tempt buyers out of their family hatchbacks and into the arguably more desirable compact SUV. It faces quite a bit of competition due to the segment it sits in, so needs to impress in order to stand out from the crowd.  


Initially, things do look good though, as the X2 offers a slightly sportier, aggressive, head-turning design coupled to an improved driving experience over the X1. It doesn’t compromise on practicality and usability that much either. 

Current model

The model is still in its first generation and, as of this being written, hasn’t been properly facelifted yet.  


Out on the open road, the X2 proves to be a better driving car than the X1 for a few reasons. First of all, it’s sharper and feels noticeably more agile. This is helped by a lower-mounted body, which allows the car to be more manoeuvrable, and, in M Sport form, it has a lowered ride height, too 


If a sporty drive is top of the list, the M35i is the X2 to go for. This is currently the fastest, and most driver-focused version on sale. Under the bonnet, it houses a 302bhp motor capable of launching the car from 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds. 


If comfort is more of a priority than handling, opt for a non-M Sport model, as the firmer suspension – while improves cornering – makes for a harsher ride. 


Value for money

New BMW X2s start at £29,725, which is more expensive than key rivals such as the Audi Q2 and Mercedes-Benz GLA – these two are priced from £22,720 and £25,500 respectively. That being said, the X2 also feels the most expensive out of the three, thanks to a better interior and all-round quality. That’s not to say its necessarily the best compact SUV, but the price is justifiable.  


As the X2’s only been around for a few years, don’t expect any bargains on the used market just yet. However, prices are pretty good, with the cheapest examples going for around £19,500. Keep in mind that at that price point there won’t be a lot of kit on offer. 


Looks and image

This area is one of the main reasons to go for the X2 over the X1. Now, while looks are subjective, we’d argue the X2 is naturally better looking than its plainer, more conservative counterpart. Its design is sportier, tauter and more aggressive. And in a class where image is a big deal and a key selling point, the X2 makes a properly good case for itself.   

Space and practicality

Despite the car’s compact proportions, it’s rather roomy inside. The X2’s interior easily accommodates passengers, both in the front and rear – only the tallest of people should struggle for headroom in the back. There’s plenty of space to get comfortable, meaning the style-focused X2 isn’t much at a disadvantage to the X1. 


Where it is at a disadvantage, however, is boot space, as buyers get a bit less with the X2 compared to the X1. With 470 litres on offer, the X2’s boot is 35 litres smaller than the X1’s. On the other hand, it’s still large enough and will most likely be enough for families. 



At the entry-level end of things, there’s a 138bhp petrol unit and 148bhp diesel motor, badged 18i and 18d respectively. There’s also a slightly more powerful, 189bhp petrol (20i) and 187bhp diesel (20d) available as well. And last but not least, there’s the 302bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol in the M35i. 


In summary, there’s a good amount of choice when it comes to the engine range and, more importantly, they all offer a good blend of performance and economy, with slight variations to meet different needs. 


Running costs

Speaking of economy, let’s talk running costs. In this department, the X2 is a good option. While it can’t match the figures of its smaller hatchback sibling, the 1 Series, the X2 will offer lower running costs than most SUVs. For example, the 18d version, when partnered with front-wheel-drive, can achieve 55.4mpg and emit 119g/km of CO2. Even in the sporty M35i guise, BMW claims it can return 34mpg, while emitting 158g/km of CO2.  

Things to look out for

Overall, the X2 should serve buyers well in the reliability department. Build quality is strong and owners often praise the model’s range of engines. In the reliability surveys, however, what’s known to let the car down is high servicing costs, while a higher-than-average percentage of owners have uncovered at least one fault with their X2 within the first year of ownership. 



The compact premium SUV segment is a competitive one at the moment, meaning there’s no shortage of rivals. As mentioned before, there’s the Mercedes-Benz GLA and Audi Q2with other rivals including the Jaguar E-Pace and Volvo XC40Fortunately, the X2 does stand out in the class due to its stylish looks, good driving characteristics and desirability.  



The X2 is a car with a desirable, premium badge. In addition, it also sits in a sought-after (at the moment) segment. This all adds up to mean that the model should hold its value reasonably well. Time will tell exactly how well the X2’s resale value fairs in the coming years – keep in mind the nameplate is still young – but things aren’t looking too bad so far. 

Trims explained

Currently there are five trim levels to choose from – SE, Sport, M Sport, M Sport X and M models.


It starts at £29,725 and gets standard kit such as 17-inch alloy wheels, DAB digital radio, satnav, cruise control with brake function and automatic air conditioning.

Starting at £29,725.


This version is priced from £30,625. It receives equipment such as a sport steering wheel, front sports seats, power tailgate and high-gloss black interior trim with pearl chrome finisher.

Available from £30,625.

'M Sport'

The trim level starts at £33,425 and adds things like M Sport suspension, front heated seats, an M steering wheel, 19-inch alloy wheels and anthracite headlining.

Priced from £33,425.

'M Sport X'

Starting at £33,425, this X2 is treated to a more rugged design. Apart from that, everything’s relatively the same as the M Sport version mentioned before.

Available from £33,425.

'M models'

Topping the range is the M trims, which is comprised of just the hot M35i model as of this being written. Priced from £44,235, it gets 20-inch alloy wheels, M rear spoiler, M Sport braking system and M Sports steering, as well as other sporty additions.

Starting at £44,235.


  1. The BMW X2 is a stylish small SUV
  2. It first arrived in 2018, and is still in its first generation
  3. It looks good, with a sporty and aggressive design
  4. The model’s a tad more expensive than key rivals
  5. It’s less practical than the X1, but not by a substantial amount
  6. Good range of engines on offer
  7. All available units are reasonably quick, while offering good economy
  8. Decent reliability
  9. New X2 models start at £29,725
  10. On the used market, the car goes for as little as £19,500

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