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Used Citroen C-Crosser cars for sale

With an outstanding diesel engine providing the punch you need on rugged roads, the Citroen C-Crosser is one of the finest examples of an SUV on the market today; and you can get your hands on a second hand Citroen C-Crosser car by searching on by price and location.

  • Engine Size2.2L
  • 126.6kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleSUV

North End Motor Company

  • Engine Size2.2L
  • 113.8kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleSUV

Motormile Motors Tayside Ltd

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  • What's the most popular Citroen C-Crosser colour? Silver
  • What's the most popular Citroen C-Crosser fuel type? Diesel
  • What's the Citroen C-Crosser's average power delivery? 156 BHP
  • What's the Citroen C-Crosser's average fuel economy? 40 MPG
  • What's the Citroen C-Crosser's average price? £4,180
  • What's the Citroen C-Crosser's average mileage? 103,470

Citroen C-Crosser

The Citroen C-Crosser is a compact SUV and one of the best looking currently on the market. With some wonderful French flair, it’s a fantastic solution for anyone who wants a spacious car that’s not afraid of the elements. Packed full of equipment, certain versions also have the ability to seat 7 people, and it offers a great driving experience. It might be Citroen’s first foray into the world of 4x4 motoring, but the C-Crosser certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Introduced in 2007, the C-Crosser went straight to the top of the popularity charts due to its fantastic designs and excellent overall package. Despite being manufactured in part by Mitsubishi alongside the Outlander, there’s still an abundance of features that set the Citroen apart. The 4 door SUV is a perfect option for families who are looking for space and versatility.

In true Citroen style, the C-Crosser is a masterpiece of design. Featuring an array of curves, angles, weird shapes and those famous double chevrons, it has quite a haughty attitude and knows it looks better than the rest. Compared to the outlandish exterior, the interior is rather sedate. Easy to use and very functional, the array of buttons and knobs is laid out in a logical fashion. There’s a massive amount of space and overall it’s hugely comfortable; a 5+2 seating layout (the rear most seats are for children) means it’s practical too. 3 trim levels feature a good level of equipment and overall it’s a genuinely nice environment to climb into.

To be honest the Citroen drives remarkably well for such a large car. It’s sure footed and never seems to get out of shape. Some hugely responsive steering and almighty levels of grip mean you can throw it into the corners with full confidence and it’ll remain poised throughout. Capable around town, it’s easy to manoeuvre in car parks too. There are a variety of different petrol and diesel engines, all of which are quite impressive and don’t shirk performance or economy in the slightest. While the car is usually driven in 2 wheel drive, pushing a button switches it to 4 wheel drive for added traction. It has to be said that the C-Crosser is happier on tarmac however, although it’s not afraid to get dirty.

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The bottom line is that the Citroen C-Crosser is one of the best compact SUVs around. It looks great, drives incredibly well and is hugely comfortable inside. Armed with a lot of cabin space, a decent sized boot and some impressive economy figures, it’s the ideal option for families who want a practical car that will stay calm, cool and collected no matter what the conditions.