John Grose Group

John Grose Group Dealerships

John Grose Group is a used car dealership that specialises in selling new and used Peugeot, Ford, Citroen, DS and Kia cars and vans. The company is based in the town of Lowestoft in Suffolk, with other branches in Ipswich, Framlingham, Woodbridge and Diss. Its Ipswich site also doubles up as an accident repair centre.

Across various outlets, John Grose Group dealerships offer car servicing and the sale of parts and accessories, alongside various other services. The dealer also has a fleet of vehicles for business leasing, and is partnered with the Motability scheme to help disabled drivers finance their own vehicles. On top of that, the John Grose Group can provide accident repair in the event of vehicle damage, and gives free estimates on any potential repair costs.

The history of John Grose Group

The award-winning John Grose Group was founded in 1888 in Surrey – 20 years before Henry Ford even built the legendary Ford Model T automobile! Fast forward to nearer the present day, and the company has won multiple awards, most notably the Ford Chairman’s Award, which it has received dozens of times. Alongside that, the business has been recognised as being one of the top three Citroen dealers in the UK for customer satisfaction.


Types of cars sold by John Grose Group

There is a wide range of Ford, Peugeot, Kia, Citroen and DS vehicles available to buy at John Grose Group dealerships. Amongst these top marques, you’ll find a selection of hatchbacks, saloons, estates and various other models. John Grose Group also sells used cars and vans from other manufacturers, such as BMW, Nissan, Fiat and Vauxhall.

Other John Grose Group services

You can use John Grose Group for the following services as well:

  • Car Finance

  • MOTs and Servicing

  • Vehicle Rental

  • Car Parts and Accessories