Vertu Motors

Vertu Motors Dealerships

Vertu Motors plc represents 20 of the world’s leading automobile franchises, selling new and used cars and vans. With over 120 outlets nationwide, Vertu Motors dealerships belong to one of the leading automotive retailers in the UK.

The company primarily operates under the brands of Bristol Street Motors, Macklin Motors, Farnell and, of course, Vertu. Customers will find a wide selection of vehicles that suit a variety of budgets at Vertu Motors dealers, as well as other services like MOTs and servicing, Motability, repairs, insurance, parts and accessories.

History of Vertu Motors

Formed in 2006, Vertu Motors is a relatively young company that has grown exponentially in a short space of time to become the sixth largest vehicle retailer in the UK by turnover. The company has made several significant acquisitions in its few years, obtaining popular dealers like Bristol Street Motors. On top of this, the group established Macklin Motors in Scotland.

Vertu Motors is also an award-winning dealer, having won Motor Trader Magazine’s ‘Dealer Group of the Year Award’ in 2008 and the title of ‘Best Dealer Group’ in the 2012 Motability Supplier Awards.


Cars sold by Vertu Motors dealerships

Today, Vertu Motors offers drivers the latest models from popular marques such as Ford, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo and Toyota. Customers will also find an extensive range of used cars from many leading brands – like Audi, BMW, Nissan and Fiat – at Vertu Motors dealers.

Aside from this, they have a good assortment of hatchbacks, saloons, coupes, convertibles, 4x4s and estates to suit your needs. If you’re looking to purchase a van, Vertu Motors also sell new and used vehicles from a diverse list of manufacturers like Ford, Renault, Toyota, Dacia and Vauxhall.

Other Vertu Motors services

You can use Vertu Motors for the following services as well (may vary by dealership):

  • Car Finance

  • Insurance

  • MOTs and Servicing

  • Repairs

  • Car Parts and Accessories

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