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Used Ford Streetka cars for sale

Find your perfect used Ford Streetka from our extensive network of car supermarkets, specialist, independent and officially franchised Ford dealerships.

Why buy a used Ford Streetka?

For convertible lovers, there is the Streetka by Ford waiting for you on the website. Small, but incredibly desirable, it's all you'll need to enjoy the outdoors. The dashboard can be basic, but there is a six speed gearbox to keep you amused.

Latest used Ford Streetka

Ford, Streetka

2004 (21) - Ford Streetka

2004 (21) - Ford Streetka6

Low Mileage


  • 1.6L
  • 83.0K

  • Petrol
  • Manual
  • Convertible

Fenlake Car Sales


2.9/5 Stars

Ford, Streetka

2005 (05) - Ford Streetka

2005 (05) - Ford Streetka15

Low Mileage


  • 1.6L
  • 46.0K

  • Petrol
  • Manual
  • Convertible

Ford Streetka snapshot review


  • Cheap to run
  • Fun to drive
  • Still stylish


  • Limited engine choices
  • Limited space
  • Few examples on the market

Ford Streetka by type

Petrol Streetkas

Ford Streetka generations

Ford StreetKa

The Ford StreetKa is a tiny little roadster that has a huge amount of personality and looks fantastic. it's the perfect solution if you're looking for a convertible city car that's at home cruising around narrow streets or letting rip on country roads. it's fun, funky and undoubtedly stylish, but the only downside is that you'll never want to get out of it.

Introduced in 2003 as an attempt to modernise and diversify the Ka brand, the StreetKa became an overnight sensation. Thanks to a larger engine and that all important convertible roof, the StreetKa targeted those people who enjoyed the original but wanted something more out of the experience; it was one of the best supermini roadsters around until production ceased in 2006.

There's no question the exterior is easy on the eye, with a plethora of curves and tapering angles, but inside it's comparatively plain. Functional and logically designed, it could be called minimalist. The StreetKa is quite comfortable and isn't lacking in space, but with the top down the sky is literally the limit in terms of headroom. Two different trim levels boast some good equipment, and the boot is a decent size for such a small car.

The Ford is a lot of fun to drive and has a good amount of performance thanks to its 1.6 litre engine. What you get is a nice mix of punch without neck breaking acceleration, so it's great for cruising around town. it's nippy and excellent in the turns thanks to some sharp handling, and the ride is a pleasure too. Overall it's a whole lot of entertainment.

Here at it's so simple to get a great deal on a used Ford StreetKa because immense price discounts are the norm and quality is very high indeed. What this means is that you can get an almighty amount of bang for your buck across a great range of second hand cars for sale, so when it comes to the small and sprightly Ford, hooking a bargain is easy.

Those people who are after a tiny car but want the versatility of a convertible really can't do better than the Ford StreetKa. it's the best of both worlds in one tidy package and works incredibly well. With a lot of style, a great driving experience and more character than you can shake a stick at, it's the ideal choice for urbanites with a penchant for summer.

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