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  • Engine Size1.6L
  • 120kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StylePeople Carrier

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MOT''D TILL 09/04 2020
  • 92.1kMiles
  • TransmitionAuto

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  • Engine Size2L
  • 156kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StylePeople Carrier

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Most popular Colour Blue
Most popular fuel type Diesel
Average price £963
Average mileage 122,712

Used Opel

Opel is one of the oldest European car companies and has been going for well over a century. It is a true global motoring giant and has produced some exceptional and influential autos throughout its history. Dominating every facet of the automotive world, you’ll certainly find something that meets your driving needs and requirements spot on!

The Opel story beings way back in 1869 when it was founded in Russelsheim, Germany. The company didn’t actually start making cars until 1899 however, and initial offerings proved less than successful. The 1902 Opel Darraq and 1909 4/8 faired better due to a robust nature. By 1914 the company had become the largest car manufacturer in Germany on the back of the success of latter models.

The Laubfrosch and Regent were also popular and this garnered the attention of General Motors which bought the company outright in 1931. In the post war years, indecision by GM led the company to be stuck in the ‘mid range’ price bracket competing with the likes of Volkswagen, but it managed to do incredibly well. Offering a range of high quality yet affordable autos that were what the public wanted led to record sales.

Arguably Opel cars are still in this mid range group, and its customers can still benefit from the same characteristics that proved popular back in the day. Sold around the world in countries such as the USA, Australia, South Africa and of course the UK, a certain amount of re-branding is used. In Britain, Opel’s sister company, Vauxhall, takes centre stage.

Popular cars in the modern era include everything from super minis to compact SUVs and mini vans. The Agila, Astra, Corsa, Insignia, Meriva and Zafira are all great examples, and there are even sports models from the ‘Opel Performance Centre’ for those people looking for that extra burst of adrenaline.

While going out and buying a brand new one is absolutely fine, the sheer volume of cars produced over the years means finding a second hand Opel at is very easy, and huge price reductions can save you a fortune.

Opel is a car company that knows what the customer wants and provides it in a stylish, affordable and friendly manner. Excellent to drive, if you’re looking for reliability and economy it’s a fantastic option to consider!