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Proton pride themselves on creating practical, affordable cars; from the GEN-2 to the smaller Savvy, these are driver-friendly vehicles which anyone is bound to love. To find a second-hand Proton that suits your lifestyle on, just put in your postcode to use our unique search engine.

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Recommended Proton cars

  • Engine Size1.3L
  • 59kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleHatchback
  • Engine Size1.1L
  • 41kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleHatchback
  • Engine Size1.6L
  • 95.7kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleHatchback
  • Engine Size1.6L
  • 74.5kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionAuto
  • Body StyleHatchback

About Proton cars on

Most popular Colour Black
Most popular fuel type Petrol
Average Power delivery 93 BHP
Average fuel economy 44 MPG
Average price £2,119
Average mileage 62,774

Used Proton

Proton is the largest car manufacturer in Malaysia and a serious player in the world of motoring. Producing a diverse range of vehicles, not only does the company dominate its own home market but it also exports to numerous countries around the world. In short, it’s a big fish in a small pond and always has something to offer.

The brand was established in 1983 and within two years the first car was released- the Saga. While it depended on parts from Mitsubishi, to its credit the company trained a workforce and integrated auto manufacturing into the Malaysian economy. In 1993 the Wira saloon was created and proved popular.

Following this, Proton aimed higher with the Perdana as it tried to capture a higher class of clientele. It wasn’t until 2001 that the first in house manufactured auto was produced- the Waja. All previous models had been based in some way on established Mitsubishi cars, but the latter signalled a new era for the company.

Modern Proton cars are rather stylish and certainly of a higher quality than in years gone by. Always affordable, there’s a good range to choose from that spans large saloons, MPVs, sports coupes, hot hatchbacks and smaller cars. It seems there’s one for every occasion and models including the Saga FL, Exora, Gen-2 and Satria Neo are excellent showcases of the experience and expertise the company has gained.

Proton is an incredibly entrepreneurial company and has a wealth of different investments. Its acquisition of the famous Lotus brand in addition to Caterham Cars is a perfect example of a forward thinking attitude and proof of big ambitions. Moving forward, the famous Formula 1 outfit ‘Team Lotus’ was successfully reinvented and proudly took to the grid in 2009 for the first time in 15 years.

What you get with a Proton car then is the best of both worlds in terms of price and performance. From small cheap cars to reasonably priced exciting sporty numbers, the roster is diverse and varied. Buying second hand from can put you in prime position to get a bargain used Proton as there’s a plethora of used cars for sale.

So it’s clear that Proton cars have undergone a great transformation since the earliest models, and it all works to your advantage. If you’re after an auto that’s solid, affordable and fun, make sure it’s a Proton!