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By adding a regular boot to the always-reliable Golf hatchback, Volkswagen proves that if it ain't broke, put a boot on it and it will still be fixed! Search for a second hand Volkswagen Jetta and you'll find a great list of available models to suit your budget.

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  • Engine Size1.9L
  • 61kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleSaloon
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  • Engine Size2L
  • 28.5kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleSaloon
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  • Engine Size2L
  • 15.6kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleSaloon
Finance Available £164 pm
  • Engine Size2L
  • 61.8kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionSemi Auto
  • Body StyleSaloon

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Most popular Colour Silver
Most popular fuel type Diesel
Average Power delivery 125 BHP
Average fuel economy 60 MPG
Average price £7,492
Average mileage 55,234

Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta is a small family saloon that is ideal for people who want practicality of that type of car but not the dimensions of a regular one. It’s kind of an in-betweener that’s a mix of compact and full size but is neither at the same time. A typical VW, it looks fantastic, has bags of equipment, drives well and is full of character.

While the Jetta nameplate has been around since 1979 in one form or another, it’s the modern generations that are really worth shouting about. While they look similar to the Golf from the front and could be called a pint sized version of the Passat, the new Jettas can stand up on their own merits. It is worth mentioning though that while it’s mainly sold as a saloon, there are some estate versions available for people who need even more space.

With classic Volkswagen curves and quirks on the exterior bodywork, the Jetta is undeniably stylish to look at and never fails to make you smile. The interior is just as good and has an easy to use design that’s common in other VWs. With a lot of cabin space in general, there’s room for 5 people to sit in comfort, and you also get a substantial amount of kit as standard. It’s quite practical too despite its smaller size and has a good boot that’s larger than most of its rivals.

Getting behind the wheel of the Jetta is an absolute pleasure, and it’s genuinely nice to drive. Responsive steering, a firm but comfortable ride and quite a lot of grip make it a solid all rounder. It can more than hold its own on the motorway thanks to some sprightly and punchy engines, but is just as poised and confident on back roads and around town.

For some reason the Jetta isn’t as popular as larger saloons like the Passat or the classic Golf, but that’s not a bad thing if you’re looking to buy second hand as prices are lower and there’s an element of exclusivity. has a sublime selection of pre owned cars for sale, so finding a bargain used Volkswagen Jetta is very straightforward indeed.

So what you get the with the VW Jetta is a small saloon that’s perfectly formed and fully loaded in terms of equipment, driving experience and overall quality. It’s the ideal choice for those people who want a spacious and practical car but not a full sized saloon, and the fact not many are around means it’s an even more attractive buy. Another impressive solution from the brand that’s full of German motoring genius!