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This sleek CUV from Volkswagen, the Tiguan, is so named by the winner of a competition in a German magazine. The Tiguan is a powerful machine that can handle itself both on- and off-road. Find the best price on a second hand Volkswagen Tiguan at

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Finance Available £505 pm
HPI Checked, Approved Inspection, Delivered to your door, UK Dealer Sourced
  • Engine Size2L
  • 10.8kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionSemi Auto
  • Body StyleEstate
with Satellite Navigation
  • Engine Size2L
  • 15.6kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body Style4 X 4

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Most popular Colour White
Most popular fuel type Diesel
Average Power delivery 149 BHP
Average fuel economy 51 MPG
Average price £18,712
Average mileage 29,070

Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen has a habit of producing hugely popular cars, and the Tiguan is a prime example. With more SUVs around these days than you can shake a stick at, grabbing people’s attention takes something pretty special, and the Tiguan certainly has an X factor about it. A perfect combination of hatchback and 4x4, it has all the hallmarks that make VW cars all the rage.

First released in 2007, the Volkswagen Tiguan is pretty much a taller, beastlier version of the legendary Golf that has a 4x4 capability. This is by no means a bad thing, and in fact most other auto manufacturers would jump at the chance to use the Golf’s DNA.

While it’s not as ‘shouty’ as some of its rivals in terms of design, the Tiguan is still unmistakably a Volkswagen and this trademark style works in its favour. It looks rugged but is easy on the eye thanks to a lot of curves. The interior is just as classy, and there’s a seriously high quality about it. A tidy, logical and quite minimalist design is impressive, and comfort is unrivalled. There’s also an excellent amount of kit across the various trim levels.

The Tiguan is certainly practical thanks to a huge boot and lots of interior space. There are storage areas galore, in addition to tables and even a temperature sensitive glovebox. The VW is capable both on road and off, but while it can hold its own in the rough stuff it prefers the more refined option of staying on the tarmac. The handling is sharp, responsive and similar to a car rather than an SUV, an excellent trait. Combine this with a supremely comfortable ride and good performance from the range of engines, and overall it’s an awesome package.

Brand new Volkswagen autos are known for being great value on the whole, but prices can rise sharply for top of the line versions. That’s why buying second hand is such a great idea as you’ll pay significantly less and get much more. With an excellent selection of pre owned cars for sale right here at, finding a quality second hand Volkswagen Tiguan is a breeze.

So if you’re after a compact SUV, it should come as no surprise that one of the best options is a VW. The Tiguan looks the business, drives exceptionally well and is very practical. With all the characteristics you’d expect from a Volkswagen, it’s hard to imagine buying anything else. The Tiguan really is exceptional.