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Everything you need to know to find your ideal Infiniti

In operation in the UK since 2009, Infiniti is the luxury division of the Nissan brand. It has an excellent reputation for high build quality, producing elegant and exhilarating cars that are agile and charismatic in their styling. Relatively small in the UK, you can still find a great selection of used Infiniti vehicles at

Popular Infiniti models include the M saloon, which is designed for comfort, and the refined FX SUV, in addition to the Q50 saloon and Q30 hatchback. Pre-owned Infiniti cars offer luxury at affordable prices.

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This premium SUV looks sharp and comes loaded with kit

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This sports car oozes cool and will surely turn heads

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This premium hatchack packs style and technology

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An alternative but very appealing saloon option

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Average Infiniti prices on

The average price of a used Infiniti car is approximately £12.5k. Models like the M and Q50 saloon typically start around £8k to £12k depending on mileage etc, whilst the Infiniti FX SUV has a usual price range from £10k to £14k.

To compare the average price of pre-owned Infiniti vehicles, use Car Price Guide and tailor your search from engine size to colour, mileage to trim, and to the year of registration.

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Popular Infiniti on

  • Most popular model: Q30
  • Most popular variant: Sport
  • Most popular body style: Hatchback
  • Most popular fuel type: Diesel
  • Most popular transmission: Automatic
  • Most popular engine size: 2.1
  • Most popular colour: Black

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