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Everything you need to know to find your ideal Isuzu

Founded in 1916, Isuzu is one of the largest Japanese manufacturers of autos, trucks, and heavy duty vehicles. It is a powerhouse in its field, producing bulky, heavy duty cars with a typical Japanese design. Reliable, great to drive, rough and tough and ready to go, Isuzu vehicles let you dominate the road.
With an impressive roster over the years, the company has a great selection of used cars available at Models include the D-Max pick-up truck, full-on trucks like the Isuzu NQR, the Trooper 4x4, and Gemini saloon. Get you where you need to go with Isuzu cars.

Isuzu models and reviews



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A rugged and dependable truck with bulletproof mechanicals

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A dependable, reliable and well-valued pick-up truck

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An affordable SUV with genuine off-road capability

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Average Isuzu prices on MOTORS

The toughness of Isuzu vehicles is reflected in the price tag, with average prices starting around £20k. That's not to say you can't find excellent deals. You can pick-up a pre-owned 4x4 Trooper for as little as £2k-£4k, with the DS-Max at the higher end at approximately £20k.

Want to know the average cost of a pre-owned Isuzu? Use Car Price Guide to compare prices according to age, colour, engine, mileage, model, trim and more.

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