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Formed in 1989, McLaren cars are epic in every possible stretch of the imagination. Massive performance, incredible designs, and a driving experience that’s in a league of its own, the iconic name of McLaren invokes exhilaration. These high-performance cars, based on Formula 1 technology, are built to thrill. The stunning bodywork completes the package.

To own a McLaren is to join one of the most exclusive clubs in motoring, not many exist and those that do come with a massive price tag. Yet at, you can find pre-owned McLaren cars – just be quick, they sell fast.

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Current Super Series model with 4.0l V8

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Limited-run model part of McLaren Ultimate Series

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Hugely innovative and iconic, McLaren take a scientific approach to production combined with super stylish designs. To enjoy the ultimate sports car experience, expect second-hand prices to match, with the McLaren 570S at £105k, the GT, 600LT, and McLaren 720S at approximately £150k-£170k, and the sublime (limited-production) Senna supercar at £824k.

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  • Most popular model: 570S
  • Most popular variant: Stealth Cosmos
  • Most popular body style: Coupe
  • Most popular fuel type: Petrol
  • Most popular transmission: Automatic
  • Most popular engine size: 3.8
  • Most popular colour: Grey