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Estate model famous for barn doors at the rear

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Soft-top model of the Hatch introduced in 2009

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Crossover Mini with plenty of space

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The atypical Mini offered in 3- and 5-door styles

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Mini History


The original Mini was a small, affordable car that entered production in 1959 under the British Motor Corporation and became an icon of 1960s Britain.


The Mini was the first British car to sell in excess of one million models, with more than five million having been sold when production ended in 2000.


In the 1990s, BMW acquired the rights to the Mini brand and started work on creating a new generation of production models.


The Mini Hatch was launched in 2001 and proved highly popular, just like its predecessor, propelling the rebooted marque to success in the 21st century.


Owning a Mini


Mini encapsulates a unique sense of quirkiness and fun. Minis, like BMWs, have a reputation for being reliable cars but when they go wrong or even at servicing time the costs can begin to climb.


The British brand has become a favourite for those who want an affordable, reliable and practical everyday car that has character and is fun to drive.


Mini boasts that its cars, while being perfect for everyday use, have go-kart handling and a sense of light-heartedness about them.


Mini range overview


Although Mini started with just one basic hatchback, its range has expanded over the years and there are now quite a few options.


The primary car in the Mini range is the Hatch – the company’s flagship hatchback. It is available as either a three-door or a five-door. There is also a more premium version called the Seven Edition.


The Mini Convertible is, as the name suggests, a droptop version of the Hatch, perfect for those who like open-top driving and don’t need as much boot space.


For customers with the opposite need, Mini does make some larger vehicles. The Clubman offers more luggage space and legroom for rear passengers.


Another option is the Countryman, a funky crossover SUV. If you’re after extra room, but don’t want a five-door vehicle, there’s also the Paceman three-door coupé.


It’s also possible to buy a Mini with an emphasis on performance. All of the brand’s models are available in the quicker Cooper S and SD configurations. Even sportier than these are the John Cooper Works versions.

Most popular MINI options on

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  • Most popular model:Hatch
  • Most popular variant:Cooper
  • Most popular body style:Hatchback
  • Most popular fuel type:Petrol
  • Most popular transmission:Manual
  • Most popular engine size:1.5 litre
  • Most popular colour:Black

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