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Founded back in 1910, Morgan Motor Company is one of the classic brands from the true ‘golden years,’ showcasing everything that’s great about British motoring. If you’re after a car that looks like something from the 1930s, but can be compared to all big name brands in terms of speed, poise, and handling, there’s nothing better.

The marque crafts hand built cars with classic designs and 21st century performance, a timeless and artistic formula that never gets old. The results are simply amazing. Find a pre-owned Morgan car at, but be quick they sell fast.

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3 Wheeler

Sports car with Harley-Davidson engine

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Plus 4

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Longer version of the 4/4

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Plus 6

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Morgan cars deliver classic motoring with 21st century performance and stunning bygone looks. Naturally, the hand built cars come with a premium price tag. Even pre-owned expect an average of roughly £34k for the stylish Morgan 3 Wheeler, £43k for the sophisticated Plus 4, and £85k for the exhilarating Plus 6 sports car.

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  • Most popular model: 4/4
  • Most popular variant: Sport
  • Most popular body style: Convertible
  • Most popular fuel type: Petrol
  • Most popular transmission: Manual
  • Most popular engine size: 2.0
  • Most popular colour: Red

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