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Established in 1983, Proton is the largest car manufacturer in Malaysia and a serious player in the world of motoring, producing a diverse range of vehicles. From small cheap cars, to reasonably priced, sporty numbers, the roster is diverse and varied. Find a second-hand Proton that suits your lifestyle at
What you get with a Proton car is the best of both worlds in terms of price and performance. Practical and affordable, Proton create driver-friendly vehicles for every occasion, ones that have a solid build and are fun to drive.

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Value-packed Proton hatchback on sale between 2004 - 2012

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Satria Neo

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Proton supermini best known for being tuned by Lotus

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Budget supermini sold between 2005 and 2012

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Providing affordable used cars for everyone, the average price of a second-hand Proton is just £1,602. In fact, you can pick up a Proton Savvy for as little as £500-£1,000. Similarly, the Persona and Gen-2 models can be enjoyed for an average price of £1,400.

To compare the average cost of pre-owned Proton vehicles, use Car Price Guide and tailor your search from engine size to colour, mileage to trim, and to the year of registration.

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Popular Proton on

  • Most popular model: GEN-2
  • Most popular variant: GSX
  • Most popular body style: Hatchback
  • Most popular fuel type: Petrol
  • Most popular transmission: Manual
  • Most popular engine size: 1.6
  • Most popular colour: Silver

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