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Everything you need to know to find your ideal Saab

Saab cars offer something a little bit different from the mainstream. Comparable to BMW, but often with more modest, understated designs, the Swedish brand offers a fun driving experience, excellent safety, and practicality. Saab cars provide a comfortable and pleasurable ride too. They can also be very fast.

Unfortunately, the brand ended production in 2011 following bankruptcy. However, there is rarely a shortage of good used Saab vehicles for sale. Whether you’re looking for the Saab 9-5 executive saloon or the 9-3 convertible, you’ll have no trouble finding a second-hand deal at

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Having ceased production, the only way to experience a Saab car is through a used model, with the brand carrying an affordable average price of £3,224. The popular Saab 9-3 ranges in cost from £500 to £10k, depending on the model and mileage. The 9-5 executive saloon has a similar price range too.

Want to know the average price of a second-hand Saab? Use Car Price Guide to compare prices according to age, colour, engine, mileage, model, and more.

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Popular Saab on

  • Most popular model: 9-3
  • Most popular variant: Vector Sport
  • Most popular body style: Saloon
  • Most popular fuel type: Diesel
  • Most popular transmission: Manual
  • Most popular engine size: 1.9
  • Most popular colour: Silver

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