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Founded in 1947, TVR is a British auto manufacturer that produces some instantly recognisable and truly mind blowing cars. It has a reputation for astonishing designs and high speeds, with modern day and classic variants sharing the same spirit and desire to be the very best.

These lightweight British sports cars stand out from the crowd with head-turning style, incredible performance, and insane power. Be prepared, you need serious driving skills to master a TVR, as driving one is akin to taming a wild beast. Nowadays, TVR cars are increasingly rare to find.

Average TVR prices on

TVR cars carry an average second-hand price that reflects the company’s iconic status, with pre-owned models averaging at £29,706. Yet, depending on the mileage, age, and model, you can find classics like the Chimera around the £13k mark, whilst the TVR Griffith typically sits around £20k.

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Popular TVR on

  • Most popular model: Chimaera
  • Most popular variant: Speed Six
  • Most popular body style: Convertible
  • Most popular fuel type: Petrol
  • Most popular transmission: Manual
  • Most popular engine size: 4.0
  • Most popular colour: Blue

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