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A used Ford S-MAX will give families an economic ride from the diesel engine, and with parking sensors and electric windows as standard, it makes those journeys all the more enjoyable. Choose your spacious S-MAX with, and save money from the start with affordable priced models. Read our expert Ford S-Max review to find out more.

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Finance Available £125 pm
  • Engine Size2L
  • 81kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StylePeople Carrier
Finance Available £462 pm
  • Engine Size2L
  • 29.4kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionAuto
  • Body StyleEstate
Finance Available £61 pm
  • Engine Size1.8L
  • 118kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StylePeople Carrier
Finance Available £393 pm
  • Engine Size2L
  • 29.8kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionSemi Auto
  • Body StylePeople Carrier
Finance Available £98 pm
  • Engine Size2.5L
  • 70.2kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StylePeople Carrier

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Most popular Colour Black
Most popular fuel type Diesel
Average Power delivery 165 BHP
Average fuel economy 49 MPG
Average price £14,553
Average mileage 48,473

Used Ford S-MAX

The Ford S-MAX is a people carrier with an up-to date feel. It is a cleverly styled car and is an excellent performer in terms of both handling and general ability. Driving it feels similar to driving a normal hatchback, despite its seven seats, and altogether it is sportier that the other Ford people carrier, the Ford Galaxy.

There are seven engine options. These include a 145 bhp 2.0 litre petrol engine, a 161 bhp 2.3 litre petrol engine, a 220 bhp 2.5 litre turbocharged petrol engine, a 125 bhp 1.8 litre TDCi diesel engine, a 140 bhp 2.0 litre TDCi diesel engine and a 175 bhp 2.2 litre TDCi diesel engine.

A six speed manual gearbox is standard on most models and a six speed automatic is also available on most models. Later models have a six speed ‘Powershift’ transmission.

For a people carrier the S-MAX handles very well indeed. There is some body roll when taking tight corners but overall it is very stable and the steering is obedient. There is excellent grip and the car generally feels safe and secure.

This is all achieved by having somewhat stiffer suspension than the galaxy, but the ride is still very comfortable and you should not find you passengers complaining too much when you take it down a rough potholed road. Despite the size of the car it is very manoeuvrable and not too difficult to park.

The latest revision to the S-MAX was in 2010 when Ford added the latest engine; the 203 bhp 2.0 litre turbocharged EcoBoost SCTi. This gives the car a 0 to 62 mph acceleration time of 8.5 seconds whilst returning an impressive fuel economy of 35 mpg.

As a used car the Ford S-MAX is a desirable buy and you can expect to find a good bargain on one. You will find good deals on this model for sale across the UK from approved Ford dealers, independent traders and private sellers. No matter where you are in the UK, could find a deal on a used Ford S-MAX near you.

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