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Founded in 1949 in the city of Turin, Abarth has a proud history of creating tenacious sports cars with a smart frame which provides speed and exhilaration, making them perfect for city driving. Abarth cars are beautifully designed, high-quality builds that offer an incredible drive. They’re exclusive too with limited numbers – you can still find an excellent selection at One of the finest auto tuners in the world, Abarth has a close association with Fiat, turning factory models into high-performance machines. Their most famous cars include the Fiat Abarth 1000, Abarth Simca 2000 and more recently the 124 Spider.

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124 Spider

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Like the Fiat 124 Spider but with punchier performance

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Quirky hot supermini with an addictive driving experience

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Corking performance car that'll put a smile on your face

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Punto Evo

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Surprisingly serious hot hatch with boy racer looks

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Abarth delivers the essence of sporty Italian motoring at affordable prices. A preowned 595 hot hatch has an average price from £12k, whilst the stylish 124 Spider roadster offers that Abarth smile from as little as £22k. Check Car Price Guide to compare the average price of a used Abarth and tailor your search to the age, mileage, trim, colour and more.

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Popular Abarth on

  • Most popular model: 595
  • Most popular variant: Turismo
  • Most popular body style: Hatchback
  • Most popular fuel type: Petrol
  • Most popular transmission: Manual
  • Most popular engine size: 1.4
  • Most popular colour: Grey