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Vauxhall history

Vauxhall started life in 1857 as a marine engineering manufacturer called Alex Wilson and Company. In 1897, it was renamed Vauxhall Iron Works.

The company built its first car in 1903 before the majority of its production moved from central London to Luton. In 1907, the name Vauxhall Motors was taken up and the marque built a reputation for making advanced sports cars, eventually being bought by General Motors in 1925.

After taking a break from car production in order to build Churchill tanks during World War Two, Vauxhall returned to the mainstream vehicle industry with a focus on family transport. This has remained its focus ever since.

Owning a Vauxhall

Vauxhall is known for making practical and affordable everyday cars. The marque is certainly popular – it’s the second best-selling brand of vehicle in the UK.

Vauxhall does not top the list of most reliable cars, but it’s not at the bottom either. There’s no definitive answer to how durable the manufacturer’s vehicles are.

However, the Zafira B and Corsa D and E have got a fault in their heaters, which can cause the entire car to catch fire.

Vauxhall range overview

Vauxhall focuses on making cars for practical, everyday use – be it domestic or commercial.

The company makes a selection of small to medium-sized hatchbacks – the Viva, Corsa, Adam and Astra – the latter of which is also available as an estate or in a sportier GTC guise.

If you’re after something a bit bigger, there’s the Insignia – which comes as a saloon or an estate – and the Cascada convertible.

Larger families who need more space are catered for with the Meriva and Zafira MPVs and the Mokka SUV.

Vauxhall does provide faster versions of some of these via the VXR range. The models available with this increased performance package are the Corsa, Astra GTC and Insignia. There are also two VXR-only vehicles – the VXR8 muscle car and the Maloo pickup truck.

For commercial purposes, Vauxhall offers a selection of different vans – the Corsavan, Combo, Vivaro and Movano.

Most popular Vauxhall options on

The current most popular Vauxhall is based on the average number of used vehicles currently listed for sale on

Most Popular Model:Corsa
Most Popular Variant:SRi
Most Popular Body Style:Hatchback
Most Popular Fuel Type:Petrol
Most Popular Transmission:Manual
Most Popular Engine Size:1.4 litre
Most Popular Colour:Black