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SsangYong provides cars of all builds for all kinds of people, from the rugged Rexton to the classy Chairman W, and at you can find out for yourself just what gives the South Korean manufacturers their reputation for performance and sold design. Find your second hand SsangYong car here!

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Recommended Ssangyong cars

  • Engine Size2.2L
  • 3.5kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionAuto
  • Body StylePick-up

Ashbank Garage

Finance Available £384 pm
  • 15Miles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionAuto
  • Body StyleSUV

Ian Allan Motors

Finance Available £143 pm
  • Engine Size1.6L
  • 21.9kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleHatchback

Astral Motor Company

  • Engine Size1.6L
  • 8.4kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionSemi Auto
  • Body StyleEstate

Maple Garage (Sproatley)

Finance Available £182 pm
  • Engine Size2L
  • 25.8kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleEstate

Drive Vauxhall Stockton-on-Tees

Reserve this car online today
  • Engine Size1.6L
  • 29kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleHatchback

Arnold Clark Ford/Citroen (Workington)

Finance Available £169 pm
  • Engine Size1.6L
  • 17kMiles
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleHatchback

Cleveleys Car Market

Finance Available £294 pm
  • Engine Size1.6L
  • 2.5kMiles
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • TransmitionManual
  • Body StyleEstate

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Got a specific Ssangyong model in mind?

Ssangyong Korando Ssangyong Kyron Ssangyong Musso Ssangyong Rexton Ssangyong Rodius Ssangyong Tivoli Ssangyong Turismo

About Ssangyong cars on

  • What's the most popular Ssangyong colour? White
  • What's the most popular Ssangyong fuel type? Diesel
  • What's the Ssangyong 's average power delivery? 148 BHP
  • What's the Ssangyong 's average fuel economy? 45 MPG
  • What's the Ssangyong 's average price? £14,904
  • What's the Ssangyong 's average mileage? 23,276

Used SsangYong

The SsangYong Motor Company is straight out of South Korea and is the country’s fourth largest car manufacturer. Known for its fleet of SUVs, it offers a distinctly Asian take on motoring and has seen a lot of success over the years. It’s the perfect solution if you want something that resembles the top premium brands but costs significantly less.

While its origins go back to 1954, SsangYong proper wasn’t actually born until 1986. Its first car was the Family SUV released in 1988, but by 1991 the company had developed a ‘technology share’ partnership with Mercedes and the result was the Musso which was successful and even won a professional Rally event.

The Mercedes partnership also produced other models such as the Korando, Rexton and Kyron SUVs as well as the Chairman H luxury saloon. These cars were incredible in ‘bang for your buck’ terms as they had many features found on proper Mercs but were available for a small portion of the cost.

With subsequent takeovers by Daewoo and later the Chinese manufacturer SAIC, the SsangYong went through a period of uncertainty, but this was corrected with the release of the Rodius MPV along with the Chairman W and H up market saloons.

While the brand is a real unknown for may people in the UK the fact remains that it has a diverse range of cars that are of great quality and punch well above their weight. With so much technology and expertise shared from other major auto players like Mercedes, it’s easy to see why its roster is full of quality cars.

Getting your hands on a used SssangYong couldn’t be easier at as the selection is wide ranging. With the added bonus of price discounts and the fact you don’t have to wait long to physically drive the car away, its smiles all round.

So SsangYong cars for sale are excellent value and deliver a good drive for not much money at all. If you’re looking for something inexpensive but nonetheless solid and stylish, you really should check them out!