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Good residual values

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One of Lexus’s finest hits

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A commendable car, but there’s far better rivals in this class

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An interesting choice, but overshadowed by German rivals

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Lexus history

Originally thought up as a secret project for Toyota, the first Lexus model released was the IS 400 saloon and to avoid starting the marque with only one model, the ES 250 was released shortly after.

Marketed as a premium manufacturer, Lexus is defined by its original motto “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection” and the Japanese manufacturer has since become renowned for producing comfortable and refined vehicles.

In recent years the brand has become well-known for being one of the leading manufacturers that uses hybrids in most of its vehicles, as they aim to create a cleaner and more refined way of driving.


Owning a Lexus

What Lexus owners will tell you is how bomb-proof they all seem to be, as well as being refined, nice to drive and well designed.

To make matters even better for the brand, they were top of the annual Driver Power survey in 2017, with owners saying that the hybrid power system makes up for the lack of diesel options.

After making their name in comfortable saloons, Lexus took interest in the SUV, Coupe and sports car markets towards the end of 90s, which made the brand more popular.

Due to the backing of the ever-reliable Toyota, the Lexus brand has carried that through to become a by-word for quality in its own right.


Lexus overview

Currently Lexus have seven models on offer that range over compact, saloon, coupe and SUV markets.

The CT model is the smallest in the line-up and takes on the compact market with just hybrid power, while the IS and GS are the current saloon challengers. The LS model will be largest saloon in the range and is coming to the market in Europe in 2018.

For the SUV market Lexus offers the smaller NX crossover and the RX mid-size model, while for coupe selections they off the RC – which was introduced to the Lexus fleet in 2014 – and the LC that is on sale now, but won’t be in showrooms until late summer 2017.

Lexus did dip their toes into the supercar market with the legendary LFA, which was the pinnacle of what Lexus ever made.

What Lexus try to do is use their dropping of diesel power units and instead take on the market with refined hybrid power, which offers customers lower emission driving and a better fuel economy.

Most popular Lexus options on

The current most popular Lexus is based on the average number of used vehicles currently listed for sale on

  • Most Popular Model:RX
  • Most Popular Variant:F-Sport
  • Most Popular Body Style:Saloon
  • Most Popular Fuel Type:Hybrid - Petrol/Electric
  • Most Popular Transmission:Automatic
  • Most Popular Engine Size:2.5 litre
  • Most Popular Colour:Black

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