Busseys Motor Group

Busseys Motor Group dealerships

Busseys Motor Group runs dealerships in Norfolk, in the East of England. With sites in Norwich, Attleborough, Dereham, Fakenham and Swaffam, the group caters for all different types of car buyers selling leading models from popular manufacturers.

History of Busseys Motor Group

Busseys Motor Group was founded in the 1920s when Alec Bussey and his older brother C.R Bussey bought the company from Mr Payne.

In 1922, the Busseys we know today was born and the two brothers teamed up with G. Sabberton and E. Bray of Sabberton Bros – originally an Iron Foundry and General Engineering business.

In January 1923, Ford Motor Company appointed Busseys and Sabberton Bros as official Ford Distributors.


Cars sold by Busseys Motor Group

Busseys Motor Group specialises in the sale of Ford and Peugeot vehicles, with a wide range of models on show to help all buyers make an easy decision about their next car.

Busseys sells both new and used cars so customers on any sort of budget can find a vehicle to suit their needs and expenses. The Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus are always popular, while the group also stock well-known and reliable Peugeot models such as the 208 and 2008 ranges.

The group also services Citroen models at some of its sites.

Other Busseys Motor Group services

You can use Busseys Motor Group for the following services as well (may vary by dealership):