Jennings Motor Group

Jennings Motor Group Dealerships

Jennings Motor Group is a new and used car dealer specialising in vehicles from four popular car manufacturers – Ford, SEAT, Mazda and Kia. It has been running for over a century and operates from several locations across North East England.

At Jennings Motor Group dealerships, a number of services for motorists are available, above and beyond the sale of vehicles. Its outlets run servicing and accident repair facilities, sell parts and accessories and on top of that, have business and fleet options. The dealer also offers a Motability scheme for the benefit of disabled drivers.

The history of Jennings Motor Group

In 1911, founder Septimus Jennings opened a dealership selling bicycles and motor cars in the town of Morpeth, Northumberland. The business was officially registered one year later and soon became affiliated with the Ford Motor Company, a brand still represented by Jennings today.

Over the years, the Jennings company expanded, eventually passing out of family ownership but still retaining its respected name. It has won several industry awards and is now established as a multi-franchise dealer group.


Types of cars sold by Jennings Motor Group

All new cars sold by Jennings Motor Group dealers have been manufactured by Ford, Kia, Seat or Mazda. It also sells used models from these brands, alongside a selection of second hand vehicles from the likes of Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Nissan and a variety of other manufacturers.

The dealer also has a range of Ford commercial vans sold from two Transit Centres, one of which is situated in Gateshead and the other in Middlesbrough.

Other Jennings Motor Group services

You can use Jennings Motor Group for the following services as well:

  • Car Finance

  • MOTs and Servicing

  • Repairs

  • Business Leasing

  • Car Parts and Accessories